Skydiving Might Help With Some Depression Symptoms

Depression is a serious health problem that may affect people for years and make their life very difficult. However, it is possible that skydiving could help with some symptoms of depression. Those suffering from this issue may find this method is beneficial for their depression-related symptoms. In this way, people with depression can choose this alternative therapy option for their needs. 

Can Skydiving Help With Depression? Possibly

Alternative depression therapies may help supplement medications and provide some relief for those with these symptoms. For example, skydiving may provide some depression management benefits, particularly in people who naturally have low levels of endorphin chemicals. These lower levels may be natural or caused by depression-related symptoms.

Skydiving and other extreme sports naturally release high endorphin levels that may provide a variety of benefits. These chemicals are associated with pleasure and happiness, and higher levels caused by skydiving may trigger a variety of different health benefits, including how they:

  • Improve Pleasure: When skydiving and experiencing a high endorphin release, people with depression may feel a higher level of pleasure in life. That temporary boost may help relieve some depression symptoms and help these individuals get some relief from this common problem.
  • Enhance Self-Esteem: People with depression may have low self-esteem that could also be worsened by low endorphin levels. When people skydive and increase their endorphin levels, they may also improve their self-esteem. This may include getting over a fear of heights by skydiving.
  • Increase Memory Health: Depression may affect a person's memory health and cause trouble remembering things they would otherwise remember with ease. Thankfully, skydiving can improve a person's endorphin levels, which can provide short- and long-term memory enhancement.

Before people with depression schedule any skydiving sessions, they should talk to these professionals and decide whether this activity is a good choice for their needs. This process may include talking to their doctor and the skydiving team to check for health problems that may affect their dive. For example, some people may need heart-health checks to ensure they remain safe.

Finding a Safe Skydiving Experience

Skydiving professionals provide lengthy instruction before a person's first dive to help make sure they are safe. They will also jump with an individual to make sure that they are safe and control the parachute and other safety gear. In this way, skydiving is a very safe process and is one that may help those with depression get a bit more joy out of life.