The Best Gear To Rent For Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is a serious rush. You can find a range of different tracks and styles of downhill riding. Of course, there is also a wide range of tracks for different skill levels. But, no matter where you are riding, or what your skill level is, it is important that you are properly equipped. Downhill mountain biking is difficult and can be dangerous. Wearing the right gear is very important because even a small fall with no safety gear can get bloody. Falling on dirt and rocks is bound to cause a few bumps and bruises. However, the right equipment will make the falls much less painful and dangerous. Here are 2 pieces of equipment that you need to wear when riding downhill.

Knee/Shin Pad

Mountain bike companies make a unique piece of safety equipment to protect your knees and shins at the same time. These guards have 2 separate hard plates, one covers the knee and the other covers the shin. However, the fabric covers you entire leg, from the ankle to the thigh. Most falls, or lay downs, will cause you to put your knee down first. And, as you slide into the dirt and rocks, your shin will often take much of the impact. Even slow lay downs can scrape up your leg. However, with mountain bike knee pads, your whole leg will be protected from even the harshest falls. The shin pad also protects you from the hard metal petal.

Long Sleeve Shirt with Built-In Elbow Pads

When you fall off your bike, you might also be forced to break the fall with your elbow. Some people wear hard-shelled elbow pads. These work well enough, but they are hard to wear with a long sleeved shirt. This means your only option is to wear elbow pads with a short sleeve shirt, leaving your entire forearm exposed. If you wear elbow pads over a long sleeved shirt, they can slide around and be uncomfortable all day. This is why mountain bike rentals usually carry special jersey-type long sleeve shirt with built-in elbow pads. This allows you to comfortably cover your entire arms and still protect your elbow with some padding.

Of course, there are some other, more obvious, pieces of gear that you need to ride safely (like a helmet, of course). However, these 2 specialized pieces of safety gear will make you safer and more confident when riding.

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