4 Inflatable Rental Options For Fun Family Competitions

Take family game night to the next level by renting inflatables for your yard. Aside from the traditional moon bounce jumper, there are a number of inflatables that encourage family-friendly competition. Not only are the following four inflatables great for some family competition, but they can keep everyone active and create lasting memories for years to come.

1. Basketball Bounce House

When browsing through bounce houses, look for ones with basketball hoops built into them. These hoops add a great element that can turn into a fun family game. By using a small basketball, you can turn the bounce house into a competitive court. Families can break off into teams and play various games of basketball. Along with a regular game, you can expand to additional basketball games like HORSE or Around the World.

2. Obstacle Course Bounce House

See who can get the fastest time when your family rents an obstacle course bounce house. These houses feature a roaming course that includes punching bags, tunnels, small walls, and slides. Family members must navigate either way through in the quickest amount of time. Increase the competition by purchasing a racer obstacle course that features duplicate tracks. This allows two family members to race at the same time.

3. One-on-One Inflatables

Create direct competition by renting an inflatable with one-on-one competition options. Ideas include sumo wrestling, jousting, or bungee cord racing. Each rental has a number of safety safety features to ensure protective play. By renting a one-on-one inflatable, you can set the family up in a bracket tournament or break off different family members into age group competitions. For example, all of the adults can go against each other or all of the kids can go against each other.

4. Elimination Inflatables

Another great way to add family competition to an event is with an elimination inflatable. These inflatables often allow more than two people and have a fun gaming style to them. For example, you can an inflatable where each family member stands on a small pedestal. A large hanging inflatable ball is in the middle. The ball is swung and thrown around, knocking at people and trying to get them off the pedestal. The last person standing is the winner. This is a great game that can be played for multiple rounds.

A large inflatable game like Twister can also be rented. This allows every family member to get on the inflatable and see who can last the longest as different arm and foot positions are called out.

Take a vote with family members to select the inflatable that everyone will enjoy the most. It can become an annual tradition between you and family members. To learn more, contact a company like Adventures in Climbing